• Location

    1 Spring Street
  • Area

  • Value

  • Duration

    17 weeks
  • Engagement

    Fixed Lump Sum
  • Collaborators

    JLL, Venko, BSE

  • Staged delivery
  • Occupied building
  • Live environment
  • Heritage building

Following on from previous successful collaborations, Capabuild partnered with the team again to deliver this multi-staged refurbishment of the heritage-listed 1 Spring Street.

This project spanned a number of weeks in an occupied building, ultimately delivering on the client’s objective of creating a more contemporary, agile workspace in line with the updated SSP accommodation guidelines.

The scope of refurbishment on Level 1 was significant, working in and around the heritage carpet, ceiling and glazed block wall. Prior to commencement, all trades were tool boxed on the importance of these elements and the site manager completed daily quality control and compliance checks to make sure the desired outcome was achieved.

With stakeholders across five separate government departments, we modified our communication strategy to provide weekly reports along with progress photos, status programs and consolidated registers, to ensure each team remained up to speed with the project.

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