• Location

    Brunswick Campus
  • Area

  • Value

  • Duration

    9 weeks
  • Engagement

    Fixed Lump Sum
  • Collaborators

    RMIT, Hinge, GHD

  • Occupied building
  • High-end design
  • Fast-track delivery
  • Cafe

As a member of the pre-approved RMIT panel, Capabuild was pleased to continue our partnership with RMIT to deliver a refurbishment of the existing cafe space at its Brunswick campus.

To manage lead times, RMIT placed early orders on the long lead kitchen equipment and these suppliers were novated to Capabuild shortly after award. Capabuild worked closely with the designer, kitchen contractor and mechanical and electrical subbies during the pre-construction phase ensuring alignment and coordination of their packages of work.

With a tight time frame, we based our delivery team on site to assist the resolution of site queries and maintain maximum productivity, ensuring the deadline wasn’t jeopardised.

With extended working hours in the final weeks of the program, the deadline was met and the space was opened for business without delay.

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