• Location

    Clarke Street, South Melbourne
  • Area

  • Value

  • Duration

    11 weeks
  • Engagement

    Fixed Lump Sum
  • Collaborators

    PTID, NJM Design

  • Occupied building
  • High-end design
  • Fast-track delivery
  • Agile workspace

Leveraging an existing relationship, Capabuild was delighted to be appointed to this project to deliver Luxury Escape’s new Melbourne office.

With previous experience in the building, our team was able to draw on that knowledge and add value to the design phase, providing proactive solutions to overcome issues in proposed design layouts.

During pre-construction, we identified that the nominated comms room location was not achievable due to clashes with sub floor mechanical and electrical mains. We got on the front foot and worked with our subcontractors, providing proactive solutions which allowed the space to be replanned, avoiding any adverse impact on design.

Having dealt with the building manager previously, we continued to foster the relationship ensuring regular communication on proposed deliveries and upcoming works via two-week lookahead programs, which maximised productivity on site.

The combination of the subcontractors engaged on this project and the smooth close out and defect rectification process ensured a high-quality outcome and a happy client.

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