• Location

    Cambridge Street, Collingwood
  • Area

  • Value

  • Duration

    12 weeks
  • Engagement

    Fixed Lump Sum
  • Collaborators

    Knight Frank, Hot Black

  • Value management
  • Heritage building
  • Prototyping
  • Repeat work

Having been engaged some 10 years ago to complete the original Ticketmaster CBD office, Capabuild was excited to again partner with the team to deliver this extensive refurbishment for the Collingwood office.

Given the relationship, Capabuild was engaged on an informal basis during the design phase to assist in offering buildability advice and provide samples of a range of different finishes.

Once appointed, this process extended to design workshopping and prototyping of a range of different features and finishes in the office. This included floor samples, stripping back the existing polished timber flooring, vapour blasting the existing internal painted brickwork and a number of proposed joinery features.

A tight budget meant value management was required in the early phases of pre-construction to pare back certain design elements and ensure the target was met. Working collaboratively with the consultant team and our subcontractors we managed to fast track this process and achieve the right outcome.

The age of the building presented a number of set-out challenges but with a proactive site manager and flexible designer, we worked together to achieve a fantastic result.

 — 08

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