• Location

    800 Bourke Street
  • Area

  • Value

  • Duration

    18 weeks
  • Engagement

    Construction Management
  • Collaborators

    Savills, Cube, Compass Engineering

  • Staged delivery
  • Fast track programme
  • Occupied building & live environment
  • Day & night shift

Capabuild were engaged under a Construction Management model to deliver this 48,000sqm refurbishment in a compressed time frame of 18 weeks. NAB’s main driver was to increase workstation capacity and increase the quantity of internal meeting spaces and kitchen facilities.

Dubbed the “impossible project” by the consultant team, the project was staged and completed around NAB’s day to day operations. With works running around the clock, via day and night shift, a proactive management approach combined with carefully considered resource allocation ensured the programme was achieved.

Noise and dust control were critical to ensure disruption to NAB staff was minimised. To manage this, we installed acoustic sandwich panel hoarding around each work zone which proved invaluable allowing construction works to proceed uninterrupted throughout the day.

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On paper, this project seemed impossible, but the early engagement allowed all members of the project team to work collaboratively, communicating daily to manage the expectations of the NAB project team, their staff and other key stakeholders.

It’s been a huge challenge. I’ve experienced minimal disruptions for staff and plenty of advanced warning on upcoming works. I’ve found Capabuild to be very organised and clear with communication and easy to work with…. I’ve experienced minimal defects and the outcomes are of a high standard. Capabuild go to great lengths to ensure site safety and the protection of existing infrastructure.

Chris Sutherland Savills PM

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