• Location

    Parkville Campus
  • Area

  • Value

  • Duration

    21 weeks
  • Engagement

    Fixed Lump Sum
  • Collaborators

    Monash University, Millar Architects, FGA

  • PC2 certification
  • Occupied building
  • Live environment
  • Staged delivery

Following on from the delivery of previous work at the Parkville campus, Capabuild were engaged again to deliver this multi staged Lab refurbishment project.

The scope included the refurbishment of several PC2 certified laboratory spaces which require rigorous compliance checks throughout all stages.

During pre-construction, several materials delays were uncovered due to supply chain shortages and our team proactively devised an alternate staging strategy and alternative materials and fixtures to ensure the overall completion date could be met

Working in an occupied University under live environment conditions, with mission critical research being undertaken, the key challenge of this project was to minimise disruption. The team carefully sequenced works ensuring all noise and dust was kept to a minimum.

Given the age of the building, many latent conditions were exposed throughout. We adopted a flexible approach, working collaboratively with the client and consultant teams to work together on acceptable resolutions.

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